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Mountain Top Appliance can repair any small or great big problem with appliances. Keeping your refrigerator maintained is important to food safety. When your refrigerator is not cooling properly, it’s often hard to detect. When the freezer stops working, you may realize it only after your freezer items thaw out. If you notice that your food is starting to thaw, immediately call us and try to transfer your food to a deep freezer or ice chest with some ice, or to another refrigerator if you have one handy. We will be sure to come out when you make the phone call. Mountain Top Appliance is a local, family-owned business that’s proudly serving Waynesville, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Here are several reasons why your refrigerator may not be working…

  • Refrigerator not cold enough
  • Refrigerator water dispenser not working
  • Refrigerator ice maker not working
  • Refrigerator ice dispenser not working
  • Refrigerator not defrosting
  • Refrigerator is noisy or loud
  • Refrigerator defrost drain problems
  • Refrigerator freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm
  • Refrigerator leaking water
  • Refrigerator freezing food
  • Refrigerator ice and water dispenser not working
  • Refrigerator ice maker overflowing
  • Refrigerator light not working
  • Refrigerator runs constantly

If you are experiencing any of these problems or issues you can’t seem to figure out then give us (The Experts) a call. We will be happy to help.

We do 24-hour service calls.

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